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PreSonus ioStation 24C

PreSonus ioStation 24C

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PreSonus ioStation 24C

  • ioStation 24c มอบเครื่องมือที่จำเป็นสำหรับการบันทึกและมิกซ์ด้วยการควบคุมแบบสัมผัสที่ใช้งานง่าย ทั้งหมดนี้อยู่ในอุปกรณ์เครื่องเดียวที่ไม่เกะกะพื้นที่สร้างสรรค์ของคุณ บันทึกเสียงของคุณผ่านปรีแอมป์ไมโครโฟน XMAX สองตัวและตัวแปลงอนาล็อกเป็นดิจิตอลความละเอียดสูง 24 บิต 192 kHz ออกแบบมาเพื่อการควบคุมที่ใช้งานง่าย เราได้รวมองค์ประกอบต่างๆ จากคอนโทรลเลอร์ินการทำงานที่คล่องตัวและการรองรับโปรโตคอล Mackie Control และ HUI ทำให้การควบคุม Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Ableton Live และอื่นๆ อย่างรวดเร็วและง่ายดาย ไม่จำเป็นต้องติดตั้งไดรเวอร์ เพียงเสียบ ioStation 24c ของคุณแล้วควบคุมมิกซ์ของคุณ การผสานรวมอย่างลึกซึ้งกับ PreSonus Studio One Artist ที่ให้มาจะช่วยให้คุณมิกซ์ได้อย่างรวดเร็ว ไม่ว่าคุณจะเพิ่งเริ่มเข้าสู่การผลิตเสียงหรือปรับปรุงอุปกรณ์บันทึกเสียงของคุณ ioStation 24c จะให้เสียงที่มีความคมชัดสูงเป็นพิเศษด้วยเครื่องมือมิกซ์ระดับมืออาชีพในดีไซน์กะทัดรัดและประหยัดพื้นที่

PreSonus ioStation 24C

2x2, 192 KHz, USB-C™ Compatible Audio Interface And Production Controller

  • The ioStation 24c gives you the tools you need to record and mix with the ease of hands-on, tactile control—all in a single device that doesn’t clutter your creative space. Record your audio through two pristine XMAX mic preamps and high-definition 24-bit, 192 kHz analog-to-digital converters. Navigate your recordings with easy-to-use transport controls. Edit your production and automate parameters in your favorite DAW with the powerful Session Navigator and mix it all with a 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized fader.
  • We've incorporated elements from the award-winning FaderPort®-series controllers into the ioStation 24c. Rather than forcing you to reinvent your mixing method, the ioStation 24 augments the way you currently mix. You will still use your faithful keyboard and mouse for things they do well, while the ioStation 24c handles what you really want to get your fingers on: your mix. This is DAW control the way it should be.
  • Streamlined workflow and support for the Mackie Control and HUI protocols make it fast and easy to control Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Ableton Live, and more. No driver installation is necessary; just plug in your ioStation 24c and take command of your mix. Deep integration with the included PreSonus Studio One® Artist will let you mix at lightning speed.
  • Whether you're just getting into audio production or streamlining your recording rig, the ioStation 24c gives you ultra-high-def sound with professional mixing tools in a compact, space-saving design.

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Audio Interface

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  • Two products in one: audio interface and production controller
  • 24-bit/192 kHz audio interface with 2 mic/instrument/line inputs with XMAX mic preamps, 2 balanced ¼-inch TRS main outputs, headphone output with independent level control
  • Complete recording-transport controls: Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Record, Loop, Drop Marker, Next/Prev Marker, Next/Prev Event
  • General session controls: Undo/Redo, Arm All, Solo/Mute Clear, Click On/Off
  • Session Navigator provides quick control over Track Scrolling, Timeline Scrolling, and much more
  • Channel Controls: Level, Pan, Solo, Mute, Rec Arm
  • Automation Controls: Touch, Latch, Trim, Write, Read, Off
  • macOS®- / Windows®-compatible with native Studio One® support and HUI and Mackie Control Universal emulation
  • Footswitch input for hands-free start/stop (footswitch not included)
  • Studio One Artist included
  • Ableton Live Lite included
  • Studio Magic software suite included

Built For Studio One

The optimized PreSonus® Studio One® mode will revolutionize your workflow. Use the Session Navigator to move and nudge events in the Arranger window quickly. The unique Link function allows you to instantly control any parameter beneath your mouse with the large encoder. Control link lets you customize your function buttons and much more.

Built for Studio One

Ableton Live Integration.

While compatible with most third-party software, FaderPort offers deeper integration with Ableton Live (version 10.1.5 and later). Navigate clips and scenes, change track volume and panning, and switch between Session and Arranger views — the FaderPort will help you work faster than ever.

Ableton Live integration.

Superior Sound

Two of PreSonus®’ acclaimed XMAX Class A analog microphone preamps deliver incredibly high headroom and a rich overall sound. High-quality converters provide 115 dB of dynamic range to capture complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally. The result is clear, consistent audio that makes mixing easier and creating a polished sound faster.

Superior Sound

Your Studio Assistant.

The ioStation 24c’s unique Session Navigator is your caffeine-fueled assistant engineer, providing easy access to eight mission-critical functions for maximum flexibility. Navigate and drop markers and maintain constant control of your main level. Once you start using the Session Navigator, you’ll wonder how you mixed without it.

Your studio assistant.


  • Inputs : Two – Combo Mic/Instrument/Line Inputs (XLR Female Balanced, 1/4″ TS Female Unbalanced (Inst) or TRS Female Balance (Line))
  • Jack : 1/4” TRS Female, Stereo, Unbalanced


  • Connection Type : 12 VDC, 1.2A, External Power Supply

Microphone Preamp

  • Total Harmonic Distortion : < 0.007% (1 kHz, Minimum Gain)
  • Gain Control Range : 80 dB
  • Maximum Input Level : +16 dBu (Balanced, Minimum Gain)
  • Phantom Power : +48V, > 8 mA Per Input
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.15 dB, Unity Gain, 48 kHz)
  • Input Impedance : 1.6 kΩ
  • Dynamic Range : > 107 dB (A-Weighted, Minimum Gain)
  • Equivalent Input Noise : < -128 dBu (Maximum Gain, 40Ω, 22 kHz BW, A-Weighted)

Line Inputs

  • Maximum Level : + 22 dBu (Balanced, Minimum Gain)
  • Line Inputs Gain Range : 80 dB
  • Line Inputs Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.05 dB, Unity Gain, 48 kHz)
  • Line Inputs Dynamic Range : > 114 dB (A-Weighted, Minimum Gain)
  • Line Inputs Total Harmonic Distortion : < 0.007% (1 kHz, -1 dBFS, Minimum Gain)
  • Line Inputs Impedance : 10 kΩ

Main And Line Outputs

  • Main And Line Outputs Maximum Level : +18 dBu (Balanced)
  • Main And Line Outputs Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.2 dB, Unity Gain, 48 kHz)
  • Main And Line Outputs Total Harmonic Distortion : < 0.005% (1 kHz, +4 dBu)
  • Main And Line Outputs Dynamic Range : > 109 dB (A-Weighted)

Headphone Outputs

  • Maximum Output : 150 mW/Channel (56Ω Load)
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.2 dB, 56Ω Load, 48 kHz)
  • Dynamic Range : > 107 dB (A-Weighted)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion : < 0.02% (1 kHz, -1 dBFS, No Load)
  • Impedance Working Range : 32Ω to 300Ω

Digital Audio

  • Dynamic Range : ADC Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 115 dB, DAC Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 115 dB
  • Bit Depth : 24 Bit
  • Supported Sample Rates : 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz